A 'Made in America' Tax Reform Plan to Create Jobs

This fall, congressional leaders are considering a perennial issue on Capitol Hill: Reshaping America’s tax code.

The goal of tax reform must not simply be a broadening of the tax base in order to lower rates. It must reward investment at home. It should have the goals of enhancing economic growth, improving the climate for our nation’s manufacturers, and creating a long-term path to future prosperity for companies that manufacture in America and for the workers they employ.

Tax reform presents a real opportunity to do some good for the wealth-producing sectors of our economy. The tax code has a significant impact on the decisions that U.S. companies make when they consider where to invest, innovate, produce, and create jobs.

To learn more, download AAM's Tax Reform position paper.

EDITORIAL: Manufacturing has to be Key to Tax Reform

Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul:

Lowering the corporate tax rate while also eliminating credits and deductions utilized by goods-producing industries would mean reduced incentives for manufacturing activity.

ReMaking America

‪In ‬‪ReMaking America‬‪, AAM's second volume on domestic manufacturing policy, industry experts lay out how tax reform and other meaningful policy changes can position American manufacturing for a sustainable and globally competitive future.‬

“A sophisticated, persuasive argument that 'Made in America' means a stronger America.”
- Kirkus Reivews

Author excerpts:

“The incentive structure in the United States is not aligned for the era of globalization of technology and investment, and the proof is found in the U.S. tax code."
-Richard McCormack, p. 53

“While most other major nations have long embraced aggressive economic strategies to help their manufacturing sectors capture global market share in high-value-added industries, the United States has adopted no such “industrial policy.” Whether under that name or another, America needs a manufacturing strategy of its own.”
- Leo Hindery, Jr., p. 83

“Smart legislation offering concrete incentives for establishing new domestic manufacturing facilities and equally concrete disincentives to locating overseas could go far toward ensuring U.S. taxpayers a return on the extensive investments they have made in technology development.”
-Sridhar Kota, p. 200

“Tax reform must not be driven solely by the misguided and simplistic notion that the primary goal should be lowering tax rates and broadening the tax base. More important, tax reform should enhance economic growth, improve the climate for the nation’s productive sector and create a long-term path to prosperity for the companies that operate in the United States and their American workers.”
- Scott Paul, p. 361

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Projected impact of lower the rate, broaden the base corporate tax reform

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